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Usana was founded in 1992 in West Valley City, Utah as a manufacturer for high-quality nutritional supplements, personal-care products, and healthy weight-management products. Usana products are bought from 18 international markets. Usana passed $100 million in annual sales in 1998, and $200 million in 2003. Most recently in the year 2011, Usana would be a member of Outstide Magazine’s 150 the best places to Work. This is USANA’s third consecutive appearance on this list. And in 2011, Usana became an FDA-registered facility. Since several Usana reviews are likely to do, I’ll now address the item line.



USANA Reviews: Product Line


USANA’s goods are listed under three subcategories of Nutritionals, Diet & Energy, and private Care. Usana reviewsThe Nutritionals category contains nutritional supplements that range from essential vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and HealkPaks. They also show Optimizers such as Vitamin D, Pure Rest, Booster C 600, Calcium chewables, and a host of numerous other vitamins. Also listed under Nutritionals are Digestion/Detox and Childrenís Health categories. This diet & Energy category contains meal replacement powder pouches and nutrition bars as well as energy drinks. According to Usana reviews and testimonials, it is really a popular product category.



USANA Reviews Compensation Plan


USANA’s comp plan is universal so all of its retail sales employees get money in the same manner. Customers might be shipped to personal websites or in-person meetings, for example one-on-one or party settings. Employees can receive around 20 percent in commissions accumulated through group sales. Extra volume is carried forward to the following week. Incentives for workers energize business and make teamwork. Previous Usana rewards have included prizes, cars, trips, or more money. The superior 30 income earners for every quarter will get a 1 hour percent share of USANA’s quarterly profit as a prize to get a top-notch salesperson. Usana also offers a very long time Matching Bonus for the leaders of sales groups. You are going to obtain a match up to a certain percent from the commission generated because of your number of salespeople throughout your time and energy with the company.


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